Testomonial 2

Your e-mail of 13th inst. Sorry for the delay. Glad to see the next generation – Taha is taking keen interest in the affairs of Al-Hussam India. I have been availing the services of Al-Hussam India every year from almost its very inception for performing Hajj/Umrah. Every time it was Al-Hussam who took me to the holiest of holy places on earth. All praise to Allah for guiding me to the right path. Al-Hussam has been consistently giving quality service, care and attention to all its pilgrims. I will rate it as the best in Kerala, if not in India. I specially remember the planned and orderly manner the large Al-Hussam group was taken safely to the Jamrahs on the day in 2004 when about 250 Hajis died there in the stampede. In an otherwise busy professional life in the Supreme Court of India, the most rewarding, peaceful and tranquil days of my life were spent in Masjidual Haram and Masjidu Nabwi and I will dearly cherish the memories of the nights spent there in Taraveeh, Quiamul lail and prayers and ‘Duas’ of world renowned Imams. My biggest gain on these pilgrimages was more and more knowledge. More the knowledge, more the love for Allah and His Prophet. This slave of Allah is ever greatful to Allah, THE ONE, for all His blessings.

E.M.Sadrul Anam
Advocate Supreme Court of India